2 Essential, must have USA Maps

The USA Scratch Map

The United States of America, shiny blue stripes and red star map https://www.luckies.co.uk/gifts/scratch-maps/ of the world poster temps you to journey the 50 numbered states and explore the most diverse landscapes on the planet, from New York to California and Alaska to Washington. Take in the spectacular cowboy state of Texas and travel through Indian territory through the grand Canyon and imagine you are starring in your very own movie. Or you may choose to start at Route 1 and work your way through the hundreds of options in a bid to cover as many states as possible and cross off them bucket list must see places off your personal travel list.

With the help of the scratch map you can plan and then reveal your journey by scratching off the stars and stripes foil to make a full record of states traveled and experience gained and then the map will change color and show information on capitals, towns and road names.

You can also make up your own ultimate themed trip following your own state discovery, be it food, culture, history, film, or nature. Every state has a story to tell and most have been recorded in movies or country and western music such is the inspiration of this fascinating country. Visit scenes to identify your pleasures of art from Godfather in New York to sleepless in Seattle.

USA Travel Map

A chance of a lifetime to discover America and what is know as the American Dream, can only be discovered in detail by taking a road trip on one of the many famous routes that take you through all the different landscapes and movie scenes. California State Route 1 would be a great start and is known as a romantic route so good choice for those looking for freedom to share their love of America as well as their love for each other.

The USA travel map is a smaller version of the original poster size scratch map, but this one fits in your rucksack and also has a plain graphed outline on the reverse to mark down and plan your road trip.

The 123 mile pacific highway has jaw dropping scenery from Monterrey to Morro Bay. Moonstone Beach, the Big Sur sunset, Carmel’s romantic restaurants and dramatic coastline will certainly be romance enough but topped with the California sunshine, hearts are bound to melt in a romantic haze of all 5 senses.

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