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Easy Ways to Get Fit in Nature Instead of a Gym

When it comes to losing pounds or toning up your muscles, everybody is going to tell you that you need to visit the gym to achieve any real results. And while there are many advantages which come with a gym membership, attending a gym isn’t the only way you can reach your health and fitness goals.


If you prefer to exercise outside, below are three great ways to do just that!



It can be easy to dismiss the benefits of walking, however, simply walking around the block a few times every night of the week can have positive impacts on your overall health and wellbeing. The biggest challenge which comes with taking up walking is that the overall activity isn’t really extinct. However, this is purely because you are used to doing it alone.


Instead, check out social media groups to find local walking clubs that you can join with similar interest. For example, you will be able to find night groups where you can join safe night walks through the city. Similarly, if you prefer walking along the beach, you are lily to find groups for this, also. The purpose of this point is that you shouldn’t dismiss walking simply because it seems easy.



Just because it’s cool to do yoga in the latest fitness studios in the city doesn’t mean that this is the only way you can do yoga. In fact, many true yoga-enthusiasts will tell you that they receive much more benefit from performing yoga outdoors than inside a studio. This is because the focus breathing is enhanced by the natural and fresh air.


The next time that you are looking to take a yoga class, get some yoga pants and a top from the Groupon Coupons page for Ann Taylor, head to the park or an open quiet space, search for an online tutorial or podcast, plug in your headphones, and enjoy the benefits of outdoor yoga. Even a small session or around 30 minutes a few times a day can help improve your circulation and cardiovascular health.


Similar to the tip above, if you don’t like the idea of doing Yoga alone, look for local groups or even start one of your own.


Electric Bike Riding

While you may not enjoy the sport of bike riding, it’s hard not to enjoy electric bike riding. Largely because the bike does the majority of the work for you. However, don’t think that this means that you aren’t exercising, as you still need to put in some effort.


The benefit to using an electric bike is that it is much more enjoyable and therefore users are encouraged to undertake the activity more and more, not realizing that they are performing the exercise the whole time.


Just because you might get the most benefits from a gym doesn’t mean that you can’t find other ways to enjoy exercise, especially in an outdoor environment, and benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

Conservation Tips

Being a good steward of the earth does not mean that you have to put in more work, really, it does not take many lifestyle changes at all to start leaving a positive impact on the environment. All you really need to do is take a little time to determine how you want to make the world a better place and then put your plan in action. There are tons of great tips and examples that you can follow to get the ball rolling.


The first way you can start leaving a positive impact on the environment is to monitor and reduce your utility usage. If you are not running on renewable energy, then you are using fossil fuels to power your everyday items. Meaning you are negatively impacting the environment almost every day. Begin to start making simple and subtle changes to your energy use. How long are you taking in the shower? Is there a way you can cut that time in half, or turn off the water will you are washing and only use it to rinse? Are you constantly running the air conditioning in summer months? Try turning it off when you are not home and opening the windows. Not only will you be able to conserve energy and resources, but you will also be reducing your monthly utility bill, creating a win win situation in the process.


Another great way to benefit the environment is to start donating more of your gently used objects. Think about how many resources are used to create, package and transport your toys, clothes and other belongings. When you are done with them, do you simply throw them away? Think about donating these objects the next time. Say you get a new dress from Loft, when you get home, raid your closet to donate one of your older pieces that you no longer wear. This will extend the life of your clothing, giving them more value for the resources already poured into their creation. Your donation will also be of use down the line for the next owner. You can apply this theory of replacing old clothes with new ones for anything. If you bring home a new toy for your child, be sure to donate one in return. If you purchase new cookware, take your older pieces to the donation center. The more that you can give back, the better the environment will be and the better you will feel.


Treating the environment with respect does not have to be hard to do. All you need is a little bit of forethought to create a plan. Once you have a plan, try your best to make it an everyday habit. The more that you can make it automatic, the better you will be able to keep at it. Whether you are donating items, conserving energy or something else, being aware is important. It may not seem like much, but over time, even the smallest contributions add up, and everything you can do to help is needed.

September, the best month to visit Majorca

The culture, food, traditions and still-perfect beaches with the ideal climate. September is the best month for a visit to Mallorca for many reasons, but our favourite, without a doubt, is that the island is once again calm; back to its true self; its pure essence.

In Mallorca, the sun continues to shine bright and the beach is still enjoyable in September. It carries on being a holiday haven with blue skies. It is now when the nature on the island takes on an ideal tone for excursions through the plains and the mountains, whilst wine harvesting and food from the end of the season gives visitors the opportunity to try Mallorca’s best dishes. And, now that mass tourism has significantly decreased, you will be able to enjoy the island’s coves at your leisure.

Because this is the month school starts up again, Palma, the capital, once again becomes an important centre of creativity and culture; with an upcoming array of festivals and parties organised in the villages in summer.

Get ready because now is when the vermouth and tardeos (afternoon parties) come back. The bohemian markets; literary talks, plays, comedy shows, nighttime concerts and DJ sessions and return of Nit de l’Art; an event where new art works and galleries are given the go ahead all over the city. The date for this is the 23rd September and it will involve hundreds and hundreds of people appearing in the streets, selling art and enjoying the ever-warm climate, perfect for enjoying a couple of beers outside.

The most recommendable beach zones during this time are… all of them. Even those that are home to mass tourism in August; now they are havens of rest and relaxation. The coast of Palmanova, for example, is one of the prime examples of mass tourism that hides away a stunning island.

The beaches located in the north are some of the best, for example, Playa de Muro, Alcudia, Son Serra and Son Bauló. In the south, you will discover the indisputable Es Trenc and its neighbour, Ses Covetes. For white-sand beaches, you should head to Es Carbó and Es Caragol, near to the lighthouse of Ses Salines. The coast of Calas de Mallorca, Costa de los Pinos, Portocolom and, a bit further, Canyamel, are also unmissable.

For nature lovers, the Tramuntana Mountain Range opens up as a haven of freshness and adventure within this now-calm island: hiking routes, canyoning, climbing and cycle tourism for all preferences.

If you are looking for accommodation in Mallorca for this September, check on the main hotel chains’ websites as it is now when you can find real bargains. And if you want to stay in a modern and different hotel that is right on the beachfront, consult the hotels Melià offers in Palmanova:Sol Hotels offers Sol Katmandu Park Resort (ideal for going with friends or children) and Sol Beach House (for going with your partner or friends.)