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How Making The Best Out Of An Urban Dwelling Helps Improve Quality


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USA Scratch Map Review

The USA is a vast country and one you will keep wanting to go back to. Receiving the poster size scratch map of the USA was a delightful surprise and exciting rolling it out of the retro designed scroll tube with lid. The map was protected with tissue and is of durable thickness with shiny finish rolling out with no creases. The baby blue border with delicate grey spots, a stripe red header, a cream background and a full map of the USA styled art of the American flag stars and stripes reminded me of an American diner. The poster is typical of vintage signs and conjured up the colorful states and places we dream of visiting one day because we saw it in the movies.


Having already explored Florida’s coast and theme parks, I was thrilled to be given this map as for years I have been planning a road trip across America in my mind, and this has given me the motivation, to continue the dream. My daughter Charlotte was born with an illness and swimming with the dolphins at Sea World Orlando was a gift to her, and she was chosen as a VIP at Typhoon Lagoon, and this is typical of the friendly nature and intuition of the American people to notice her and make her feel special. I really want to do the Southern route starting from Florida with all it’s special memories for me, and from there will take me through Georgia and strange that Charlotte had her surgery in Birmingham England, and Birmingham USA is where Martin Luther King wrote his famous speech ” I have a Dream ” and I can totally resonate with this and why this scratch map is so perfect to inspire and continue that journey , the dream of freedom is happening in all of us, and no better place than the USA. A part from the civil rights history Georgia has 47 national parks like no others in the world and an area called the small canyon so not sure if I can make it to California at this point to at least scratch off the bottom of the map and taste some excellent wine in Napa Valley, but this map will at least prompt me . !


The Map looks great on the wall and those 50 states including Alaska, look so inviting, with interstate highways numbered the memories of those open highways remembered and roads to uncover, the map gives us the focus and discovery of great places seen and yet to see. The map is scaled out and unbelievable but the East to West can be achieved in 2 weeks with stops.


Would highly recommend this quality original map for anyone wanting to explore the beauty and cultural diversity and stunning landscapes of the American Dream. It certainly feeds the heart with great earthly experiences and the map is a real voice in the ” must do” ear.


Top tip for scratching off your personalized journey of the USA. Remember you are not digging for gold !  I used a 5 p coin and held it to the side and a gentle rub removes the layer, just like a scratch card. Comes away easy to reveal detailed areas of each state, city’s, beaches, boundaries and toll roads.


“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” . The American Dream .

2 Essential, must have USA Maps

The USA Scratch Map

The United States of America, shiny blue stripes and red star map of the world poster temps you to journey the 50 numbered states and explore the most diverse landscapes on the planet, from New York to California and Alaska to Washington. Take in the spectacular cowboy state of Texas and travel through Indian territory through the grand Canyon and imagine you are starring in your very own movie. Or you may choose to start at Route 1 and work your way through the hundreds of options in a bid to cover as many states as possible and cross off them bucket list must see places off your personal travel list.

With the help of the scratch map you can plan and then reveal your journey by scratching off the stars and stripes foil to make a full record of states traveled and experience gained and then the map will change color and show information on capitals, towns and road names.

You can also make up your own ultimate themed trip following your own state discovery, be it food, culture, history, film, or nature. Every state has a story to tell and most have been recorded in movies or country and western music such is the inspiration of this fascinating country. Visit scenes to identify your pleasures of art from Godfather in New York to sleepless in Seattle.

USA Travel Map

A chance of a lifetime to discover America and what is know as the American Dream, can only be discovered in detail by taking a road trip on one of the many famous routes that take you through all the different landscapes and movie scenes. California State Route 1 would be a great start and is known as a romantic route so good choice for those looking for freedom to share their love of America as well as their love for each other.

The USA travel map is a smaller version of the original poster size scratch map, but this one fits in your rucksack and also has a plain graphed outline on the reverse to mark down and plan your road trip.

The 123 mile pacific highway has jaw dropping scenery from Monterrey to Morro Bay. Moonstone Beach, the Big Sur sunset, Carmel’s romantic restaurants and dramatic coastline will certainly be romance enough but topped with the California sunshine, hearts are bound to melt in a romantic haze of all 5 senses.

Conservation Tips

Being a good steward of the earth does not mean that you have to put in more work, really, it does not take many lifestyle changes at all to start leaving a positive impact on the environment. All you really need to do is take a little time to determine how you want to make the world a better place and then put your plan in action. There are tons of great tips and examples that you can follow to get the ball rolling.


The first way you can start leaving a positive impact on the environment is to monitor and reduce your utility usage. If you are not running on renewable energy, then you are using fossil fuels to power your everyday items. Meaning you are negatively impacting the environment almost every day. Begin to start making simple and subtle changes to your energy use. How long are you taking in the shower? Is there a way you can cut that time in half, or turn off the water will you are washing and only use it to rinse? Are you constantly running the air conditioning in summer months? Try turning it off when you are not home and opening the windows. Not only will you be able to conserve energy and resources, but you will also be reducing your monthly utility bill, creating a win win situation in the process.


Another great way to benefit the environment is to start donating more of your gently used objects. Think about how many resources are used to create, package and transport your toys, clothes and other belongings. When you are done with them, do you simply throw them away? Think about donating these objects the next time. Say you get a new dress from Loft, when you get home, raid your closet to donate one of your older pieces that you no longer wear. This will extend the life of your clothing, giving them more value for the resources already poured into their creation. Your donation will also be of use down the line for the next owner. You can apply this theory of replacing old clothes with new ones for anything. If you bring home a new toy for your child, be sure to donate one in return. If you purchase new cookware, take your older pieces to the donation center. The more that you can give back, the better the environment will be and the better you will feel.


Treating the environment with respect does not have to be hard to do. All you need is a little bit of forethought to create a plan. Once you have a plan, try your best to make it an everyday habit. The more that you can make it automatic, the better you will be able to keep at it. Whether you are donating items, conserving energy or something else, being aware is important. It may not seem like much, but over time, even the smallest contributions add up, and everything you can do to help is needed.

Secret Info on the Natural Environment That Only the Experts Know About

All sorts of new increase in the body could be referred to as a neoplasm. It’s the development that fulfills the needs of the current generation without compromising the capability of the future generations to fulfill their own requirements. Maasai management does not just improve their productivity, but might also increase the productivity of the land for a whole. You protect the entire atmosphere. The earth as all- the natural environment is essential for the existence of the species on this planet. The ecosystem is contingent on the pure environment, and it survives because the pure environment sustains their habitat. For instance, deforestation is a really significant problem that is causing a great deal of environmental difficulties.

Some methods are unnecessarily complicated and hard. If a pure process may be used to clean up the Grey Water, this is expected to be rather easy and effective. This way you can be helping guard the organic biological processes in the grey water therapy.

Change is an organic process which happens each of the moment, with or without consent. Climate change is an important environmental concern on account of the simple fact that even little changes can cause critical problems for large parts of the world. Climate changes are resulting in a rise in the quantity of worldwide organic disasters like floods and hurricanes. Cumulative impacts may result from individually minor but collectively significant actions happening above a time period. The end result is a short-term growth in fish manufacturing, but in addition a headlong rush towards an unsustainable cliff. It occurs because of the winter diet, along with decreased serotonin levels, which keeps us in an excellent mood.

The Natural Environment Explained

Beginning about 5 years back, the state even started to encourage eating nutria as a means to lessen the population. It has the lovely property of being a pure slow-release fertilizer. Each area of the entire filter performs an organic procedure, without any other assistance from us, besides providing the best problems. Massive areas need to be depopulated and flooded for dam building, altering the ecosystem of an entire area.

Similar societies started to emerge throughout the world. The social life has at all times imbibed the distinctive contribution of individual life. When the entire family becomes involved, a house aquarium becomes a means to bond and communicate over a standard interest, in addition to share the highs and lows that include fish keeping. Moreover, if your son or daughter is old enough let them be a part of the procedure on the way!